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Brussels Griffon and French Bulldog Breeder

Located in beautiful Naples Florida we are a home based show breeder of quality Brussels Griffon, Petit Brabancon, and French Bulldog puppies, bred for temperament and conformation to breed standard.  We feed our dogs only holistic and human grade foods. Using dogs from around the globe that best meet the breed standard, our puppies are adorable.  The puppies are handled from the day they are born, socialized with adults, children, other dogs and a cat.  Their potty training begins at four weeks, using a potty pad. We have had other pets but have fallen in love with these  two breeds.  I originally had a hard time finding a puppy and hope that by breeding, more people can enjoy these delightful little dogs.

Laughter is always present with a Brussels Griffon and French Bulldog around because of their comical face.  Because of their devotion and admiration, they are irresistible.  They both have an outgoing personality and are quick to become your best friend.

Griffons and French Bulldogs usually get along well with other dogs and cats.  Because they are small and active in the house, they make good condo or apartment dogs.  Empty nesters are often ideal owners because, Griffons and French Bulldogs are like children who never grow up and leave for college

AKC Compliance Inspection Passed on February 13, 2013

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