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The Biewer Terrier


Many wonder if a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is the same dog as a Yorkshire Terrier…Or is this a separate dog breed?  The official name of the breed is Biewer Terrier, the 'Yorkshire' part is not technically part of it.  The answer is that while there are a lot of similarities…and the Biewer was developed from Yorkies, they are as of now, a separate breed. Not only this, but he is considered to be a very rare breed (as not many of these dog exist in comparison to other breeds).

Technically, a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is a Yorkie that has specific coloring…and due to the breeding processes that have taken place, the dog has subtle features that give him his own appearance.  The coloring of the dog is tri-colored….often referred to as banded or belted. This one element is the main one that sets the Biewer apart, thus making him a separate dog breed.  

The main differences between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier are:

Coat color – Yorkies technically have only 2 colors; though some have a 3rd color marking. Biewer Terriers all have 3 colors and those fall on specific areas of the body

The tail is traditionally NOT docked, since this breed is most popular in Europe where docking is not legal.


Are considered to be hypo-allergenic

Light shedders – as the loose hairs tend to fall into the coat rather than out and on the ground as with other breeds with have fur

The texture of the coat  

Are small toy sized, indoor dogs

Tend to have the same personality traits, although the Yorkshire Terrier was first bred to be a hunter and the Biewer bred to be a companion dog (not much yapping).

Life expectancy is the same: 12 to 15 years

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